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Would like to help strengthen leylines, clean them up and [...]

Kansas City, Kansas
via Prepare For Change
Would like to help strengthen leylines, clean them up and help mother earth and every living thing on it.
Hi Marcia,,,,I enjoy the same Intentions and I feel and see great results with using the Goddess Spiral Meditation protocols,,when bringing the blue light from alcyon through ones channel and back up from Majikal Mother Earth onto the grid of light around the planet seeing the leylines inflused with the blue light from alcyon,,,spinning the Halifian Pottery wheel throughout the planet and at turkey Syria location, your location everywhere you have traveled,,,the pottery causes a massive shift of energy anchoring Goddess energy ,,,connecting with all the other light warriors on the grid is a strong shift too,,seeing the pink auric bubble around them spinning white light from the soul star,,,I enjoy seeing that with the others that cross my path,,,and the people I know,,,and as well the Cabal leaders. Scrolling back through Cobra Post at portal2012 will give great insights to making a positive difference.
Friday 1 April 2016, 19:04:39
Hi Marcie. I want to join a local group.
Saturday 21 January 2017, 19:46:06
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