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How do you know, how do you live in everything [...]

Mount Pleasant, Queensland
via Ubuntu Planet
How do you know, how do you live in everything you know there's a lie a complete lie around you can you change history, can I change history.
Questions they don't want asked, questions they don't wish for you to seek, words they use against us in power to rule. Open your mind, think question reason everything you believe, without fact cause fiction. Find your own reason to fight. There is movement coming with the old comes the new, everything you see is artificial, transparent, illusion just because once upon time you was told does not make it so. Find your own reason to fight. Movement is close happening as we speak. We will win with numbers, numbers equal, equal a word nearly used. Where did words come from, think, speak, question the truth. There is a two sided coin. Spiritually and mentally I need to be focused.........
be the change you wanna see?
Saturday 2 April 2016, 21:25:13
Indeed slowly but surly will take alot to achieve what I wish to do in Australia but Michael Tellinger gave me hope!!!!
Sunday 3 April 2016, 00:52:20
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