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I'm working to gain control of my strawman here in [...]

Louisville, Kentucky
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I'm working to gain control of my strawman here in the US, so obtaining a passport now is out of the question. If anyone's seen the new passport forms, they ask for everything but your blood. It seems the UCC laws are only specific to the U.S. and it's much more time consuming trying to figure out how to correctly fill out what forms, after finding the correct forms.

The forms Michael gives on the UBUNTU site are only specific to South Africa from what I've researched. Here in the U.S., promissory notes or A4V's cannot be used until the UCC-1 form is properly accepted by the Secretary of the Treasury. There are other forms to be send in with this, but they vary depending on the resource, as they all contradict. Many of which I see are filled out incorrectly in people trying to obtain money.

I'm trying out this process so I do not have to pay another house payment and cancel my student loan debt. I am to help teach others here in the U.S. as well once I figure out how. Any help with this, from anyone that has done it successfully in the U.S. would be much appreciated. I know this is the first part of building any UBUNTU communities here in the U.S.
Also I have to mention I live in a Commonwealth State, which is supposedly also under the laws of the Queen of England. My Birth Certificate is not in All Caps and noticed my strawman all started with my Social Security card.
Sunday 3 April 2016, 04:19:14
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