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Waratah West, New South Wales
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that's a good advocate!
Sunday 3 April 2016, 07:12:26
[deleted user]

AwakenYaMind next step to awaken awareness is to realize that it is not "good advocate" It is actually 'advocate' that you like and I would like to know why do you like? what your values and needs are in harmony with that 'advocate'? That way I could see what is life in you and relate to you. I give you kiss and hug in order to bring you back from your mind in to your senses and feelings in to the world that we all share.
Sunday 3 April 2016, 20:14:24
thanx, are you playing devil's advocate by chance? haha, just kidding.. my values are quite the same as many and they resonate with the impression i got from the link posted, did you read it at least or see their profile cuz it's pretty legit and they seem to want to defend people against the symptoms of the corrupt system.. what do you expect to learn about me from the limited opinions of, and values shared with this group that i really don't know too much about anyway? Peace, justice and equality?! what's wrong with the adjective "good" and how is that supposed to be the next step in realising? i commented on the post to kinda give a hint to people who just see a plain html link with no description to it.. a small form of awareness no? that's sweet with the hugs and kisses, and i got nothin' but love in return, but why would you assume i need to be "brought back.."? I'm here yo- check my profile, check my youtube channel to see a lil of what i feel,
Monday 4 April 2016, 00:07:36
[deleted user]
Here is something that you and me can witness together. Reality is not in our heads, but all around us as we both can observe. I would like to get your hand hold in mine and we both place our point fingers at each others pulse on the wrist while looking each other in the eyes. the truth is life it self at the present moment always moving and chaining. Attention of awake person is always at what is life? feeling, sensing, watching... sh... be quiet with your mind See how it works and as long you can observe with out interaction of your mind accumulated knowledge giving names and labels, As more actual truth you can observe and understand how it works for real with out interpretation of your mind. Intelligence is ability to observe patterns in a great amount of details and there from understanding. when people kiss ore touch each other in a pleasant ways at that moment they having vacation from their mind, it is sweet escape to reality retreat. Back to innocence back to your real self. Back to full connection to life that we are wiggles of. Lets take together deep inhale having full focus on now and mind as quiet as when you about to release arrow from your bow and when you exhale you just release everything from your mind and let it go. At the moment we was feeling same life that is in both of us. Are you hungry? What else is life in you right now ? That is pure truth sincereness and presence awareness of life, is compassion that protects us from hurting each other. When we see at each other as at the beings that running around in order to fulfil their needs. and when we have solid with out doubt awareness about what we need only then we use imagination in order to create strategies. Your profile is what you think about yourself I need to know what life is in you right now. How else I possibly could make your life more wonderful with out knowing what is it that you need most at the moment what your heart of all our hearts beat for? I don't care about your blah blah I have got my own brain fart. Are you understand in what kind of reality I would like to bring back all humanity? I kiss you on the cheek just to be sure. Hugs and kisses is a best weapon I know, It makes people forget their stories in their minds. I do not assume anything I reassure that you are with me and I am with you and we are here for each other. and then we can go apart feel safe and loved play our own games, seek our interest. ;O)
Monday 4 April 2016, 17:33:37
[deleted user]
The problem then is: Is it possible for a mind that has been so conditioned—brought up in
innumerable sects, religions, and all the superstitions, fears—to break away from itself
and thereby bring about a new mind?....The old mind is essentially the mind that is bound
by authority. I am not using the word authority in the legalistic sense; but by that word I
mean authority as tradition, authority as knowledge, authority as experience, authority as
the means of finding security and remaining in that security, outwardly or inwardly,
because, after all, that is what the mind is always seeking—a place where it can be
secure, undisturbed.
Monday 4 April 2016, 17:38:08
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