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New to the site, 26 years old. Trying to figure [...]

Pensacola, Florida
via Ubuntu Planet
New to the site, 26 years old. Trying to figure out what to "Do" with my life. Society says I need to go to school so I can make lots of money to be able to pay for rent, cars houses food etc. I love to learn and work hard, I've studied nutrition, health, sustainable agriculture. What should I do? Can I do to live? I love working hard and learning skills but don't want to work pointless jobs anymore. I don't have a "job" currently. I do odd jobs and am surviving well and I feel free but society weighs down on me to get a 9-5 so I can get my own apartment and buy "things" I want to contribute my skills and knowledge as a hard worker/sustainable farmer/nutritionist/chef. Any ideas?
Mat Dowle
Apologies to this new user, it was this user who's data became corrupt today (hence the ******). I will attempt to recover this users data or ask him/her to create a new account.
Sunday 3 April 2016, 19:01:32
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