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I cant seem to find anyone in my area to [...]

Greenock, Inverclyde
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I cant seem to find anyone in my area to connect with but if there is anybody out there that wants to make a change in Scotland please dont hesitate to reply or message me. I like the idea of going to a council meeting to put some questions to the members about geo-engineering amongst other things, im in Scotland myself. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Lets start taking this offline and at least give the local MPs something to think about.
ME!! i live, at least it says i live, about 2 and a half miles from yourself. what i want to get into is finding ley-line vortexes in the area and working at them to bring in love and gratitude. i'm not keen to do this alone as i know that negative entities are hard to face when one is by ones self. so if you fancy it let me know.
Saturday 9 April 2016, 11:54:53
gosh, the map indicates that you are really quite close to me, i live in larkfield estate in greenock! you?
Saturday 9 April 2016, 11:56:43
Lol not far away atall.. I have just looked into ley lines though and tbh it seems a bit risky to me, dont get me wrong I applaud your enthusiasm and bravery but I get affected by negativity ( wish I didn't but i cant lie ) and would probably be a prime candidate for these negative entities to latch onto and it could send me down a dark road. I want to reach people that I know feel the same as me, that this life is unfair (which i believe is pretty much everyone in Greenock ) we are all in the same boat here and I think if we can grab their attention, we could give a lot of people hope and something to get behind
Saturday 9 April 2016, 22:35:37
Totally understand your position, I'll in turn be honest and say that it's risky for me too, I've got very low shields to all the negative energy, well, I did, been practicing unconditional self love for over a year, almost constantly, and it makes the biggest difference to anything else I've done. I know a fair few of my neighbours and have talked about thing likes chemtrails to them. But I live in a pretty rough area and for the most part folks very direct problems are big enough for them not to be bothered too much about bigger issues, which to be fair is so completely understandable. I live next to one of the main pervayors of various 'things' and that's all a lot of folk can think about. It will take some strategy and planning to figure out a way to make folk see that ALL these things are related. I spend a lot of time just sending out love to the area as it feels like the only thing I can do sometimes. I know it will become clearer how to help as things unfold, and at least we will know what is going on so we can help people when it does. *sigh*
Sunday 10 April 2016, 23:13:02
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