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I hope everyone has been watching Michael's Hidden Origins on [...]

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I hope everyone has been watching Michael's Hidden Origins on Gaia TV! In the past two episodes, he has introduced the Ubuntu philosophy. This is after a number of introductory segments on the history that led humanity to where we are now - enslaved to money! I just watched the latest episode that revealed an aspect of the transition to a money-less society that I hadn't heard before, the People's Bank. I know I am not alone in wondering how we get "from here to there" with Ubuntu and this is a major step. I highly recommend watching Hidden Origins along with reading Michael's book to get an overview of where we are headed.
Michael R
Impatiently waiting for every new episode!
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 12:41:51
Me too Michael, am tempted to just play them all again. From where I am a week seems a long long time to wait.
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 20:07:52
Michael R
Hey Doojie...I have replayed them!
Wednesday 6 April 2016, 23:52:55
I have replayed some of them too as well as Davids Wisdom teachings and Cosmic Disclosure. What a gift Gaia is for those of us who are so ready for things to disclose and get moving. How come you have to be so far away, where are you located?
Thursday 7 April 2016, 23:21:51
Michael R
I am in Ohio. There really are a lot of good programs on Gaia. If you're not careful you could lose a whole evening just watching!
Friday 8 April 2016, 00:01:52
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