Status #97097 it's a rich man's world. i hope you get something out [...]

Broomfield, Colorado
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it's a rich man's world.
i hope you get something out of this~
got me giddy.
haha, not bad satyr .. i mix a lil immortal tech into some projects here and there- made a really nice one recently.. don't sleep on my work!…
Sunday 10 June 2018, 09:02:38
432 Hz has been changed to 440 Hz, correct?
Monday 11 June 2018, 19:19:58
You got some good names in there though! I likey
Tuesday 12 June 2018, 00:36:08
thanks.. yes, they changed the tuning standards to 440 a long time ago, which is not the natural 432 which is a solfeggio frequency found in sacred geometry.. this is a good vid for that- only 15 mins..
Wednesday 13 June 2018, 08:49:25
Shaun McDonald
Thanks. I needed to watch and know that.
Sunday 8 July 2018, 07:18:07
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