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I have been trying to create a certain experience in [...]

Revere, Massachusetts
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I have been trying to create a certain experience in my life and I just learned that you need to share it to make it a reality so here is my creation I want to create a pleiadian ship comes down picks me up and lets me drive around excuse me fly around Pluto and back and teaches me how to stay in contact with them that is my creation is there enough power in the universe to make that happen I will let you know
You would need at least this (just my opinion):

*Some books like "Dark Skies" from Eve Star

*Every Channeling book (I guess) f.e. from Vywamus // Channeling can help you to develop your skills in this direction.

*Theta state training for opening up.

*Asking your guides and Higher Self to establish contact with positive people from the Plejades.

*And self study in this direction. No data is more true than those you figured out yourself. Others use other words and have an other perception than you.
Monday 11 June 2018, 14:38:56
I thank you for your advice but believe it or not I had a palladian shipped fly 20 feet above my house in the city of Revere major Metropolis of Boston I almost shipped my pants I hope they didn't think I was afraid I was trying to get a camera so I ran in the house by the time I got back they were gone but they went out of their way to show themselves to me they Shine the Light I thought it was lightning they did it again I was looking over my neighbor's fence going what the hell was that I turned around and it was there big as life is only about 20 feet and I've seen the same ship a few times different YouTube videos especially in the one with Billy Myers but the one that was over my house was jet black
Monday 26 November 2018, 21:20:05
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