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trick (v.) "deceive by trickery," 1590s, from trick (n.). trick (n.) early [...]

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trick (v.)

"deceive by trickery," 1590s, from trick (n.).

trick (n.)

early 15c., "a cheat,


word-forming element making nouns meaning "place for, art of, condition of, quantity of,"

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Your previous post is a great example how we can be deceived and tricked ,I was gullible and fell for it . I guess James was proving a point even though t was a joke .
Even us awake people can be tricked into something that is not true. A lesson learned in my part .
Now I'm going to go slam a hammer on my thumb to see if this reality is real and yep it swelled up like a non gmo watermelon . So , we are living in a world of deception and trickery .
Sorry ! just a little rant Philipots
Sunday 17 June 2018, 04:23:30
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