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Barcelona, Catalunya
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Chase B
1 = Thought
2 = Reflection
3 = Action
how to make an impact. Find like minded Ti´s locally. Vet them through Authenticity (it is a an ongoing 24hrprocess who ever is Authentic won´t mind! Forget the gnostic rosecrucions , u are the martyr for them and they they will not help you because they would have to admit that unless u become their follower.
you need touch, voice and love. Otherwise u remain a reaction.
We are going to continue to receive false experiences in order to keep the cycle of burnt offerings; Yes even the Vedic Wheel is a construct. If you have difficulty being able to see this then u is a willing prisoner afraid and you accept rape & death cult thug culture living off bread crumbs ... Watching a child bleed to death while pretending to look away.

This false construct has been layed over us corrupting nature itself mirroring it in our cement Darwinian jungle in order to harvest from you. Regardless of cognitive dissonance or polarities like a butcher it makes use of all the animal. The essence it takes is however is from source.

The final product is a human border collie. Free enough to herd , loyal enough not to ever know better. Imprinted deep in our human DNA suit.

Why are you not good enough?
Love is not pretending.
Thursday 21 June 2018, 18:16:48
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