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Waratah West, New South Wales
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I was disgusted to learn today, that Newcastle Boxing Gym, AKA Tuff N Up, will close its doors after 20 years in Newcastle West, and its all thanks to construction insanity, brought to you by NSW Liberal/Labor (headed up by Gladys Barelyhasabrain and Luke Folical), Newcastle City Council headed up by Nuttela Nelmes, and lets not forget the ever benevolent harbingers of nature and sanctuary developers, Downer Engineering, and I'm also going to throw in , all the contractors and sub-contractors working for these cartels who have put their hand up to gain lucrative Newcastle redevelopment contracts. Good on you boys. You should be proud of your fucking deeds.

You see, Tuff N Up Boxing Gym opened their doors around 20 years ago and provide boxing centred Gym activities to kids, youth, and adults as well as proper boxing training. Its location was ideal for mums and dads to drop their young kids off after school or for people to visit after work, but no longer, this is viable or practical. This facility has been a remarkable source of fitness, health and leisure for Novocastrian families for so long, and was a reasonably priced place to attend for street youths and every day people that just wanted to get fit and well.

Now, thanks to the terra forming aspirations and deals between NSW Govt and Newcastle City Council and numerous developers, namely, Downer, and the Hunter Development Corporation, all the unncessary and unprecedented construction and civil works going on Newcastle West means there is no longer any parking available for patrons of this gym. On top of that, because of the lack of efficient bus and other public transport options in Newcastle now, thanks also to the NSW Government and Keolis Downer, the gym is no longer accessible for many of its traditional patrons. So attendance has dropped off, people arent stopping by, there are few walk ins, and this has affected the bottom line for the owners of Tuff N Up.

This whole juggernaut of development in Newcastle City and West is nothing short of cruel, unjust, unnecessary, and people of Newcastle should be ashamed of themselves, truly ashamed, for not standing up earlier to stop it.

I contacted the owners of this facility today to just express how sorry I am and also how angry I am to hear that Tuff N Up Boxing Gym has been co-erced, under duress, to close down their iconic business in this iconic location at the behest of the development juggernaut. I also expressed how sorry I was that the people of Newcastle and also the apparent opposing member, Tim Crackerjack, did not do more to stop this nefarious juggernaut of development from having their way with this once Great City. The owner did say that Tim Crackerjack had been very sorry and moved by the need for the gym to close. But I doubt that very very much.

I havent seen anything pro-active from our so called Opposition in Parliament local member to halt any of this shit thats happening here, nothing. And he too, yes you Tim Crackerjack, you should go and run away and stick your head in a very deep pit of quicksand, never to be seen again, for your lack of action to stand up for the people of Newcastle against the corrupt construction juggernaut that has allowed Newcastle to be taken over by corporate and government criminals, for nothing but Profits.

Fucking disgusting.

Rant Over
Craig Peter DG
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