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attended talk in London yesterday, was great. looking forward to [...]

Sipson, Greater London
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attended talk in London yesterday, was great. looking forward to find a local village in the UK to live the life
Are you looking to move somewhere new?
Sunday 10 April 2016, 17:38:16
[deleted user]
yes, I don't mind. where? :)
Monday 11 April 2016, 08:02:44
well i hope you find somewhere truly lovely, north kent where i am was cheap cheap cheap about a year or so ago but with HS1 trains and the news papers saying its the best place to live, its now doubled in price even tho its not worth it! its so silly.
Tuesday 12 April 2016, 22:13:20
[deleted user]
there are a mention, of next step Ubuntu UK, to find a village in England to create a community. Hope it will come about. I'd be glad. Grow Heathrow… is one such place. But under court order to be evicted. Runnymead site was shut. Waiting list for allotments and can't get planning permission. Hear that Carillion PLC is a building company that own allotments in Hillingdon borough, so they could build on that land. Not allow for growing food.
Thursday 14 April 2016, 12:19:10
my goodness, that sickens me that a local authority sold allotments to a corp, i guess the hillingdon residents got a reduction to there council tax for that prime real estate sale, and i suppose the council gave the residents a vote on the sale in the first place too, crazy crazy crazy.
Thursday 14 April 2016, 13:27:08
Hey Isberon, cornwall, so many rich assholes have bought holiday properties down there that in some areas you can get a whole row of terrace houses with only one occupant living there, i believe their would be loads of like-minded people there, you can't vote in cornish locals if you live in london (or can you, i've only ever owned 1 house), just a thought, i visited a friend there once and was amazed at the amount of empty houses, her village was ghostly, she ended up moving due to lack of community! that was right down the bottom nr Falmouth.
Thursday 14 April 2016, 13:45:36
[deleted user]
yes, what else to say. greed and profiting drive by fear. never owned any tangible assets, want to build "tiny house on wheels" - google it. eco, sustainable, offgrid
Friday 15 April 2016, 12:53:59
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