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Barcelona, Catalunya
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System Mind Mechanic's via rape death cult culture.

These are proffesionally trained thugs - age old Templates. Perfected in mimicking and mocking you. They know you really well.

It depends what type of perp you run into. You'll have the no clue pimp followers (low self esteem, bullied) playing like in the movie nerve for points and dares, then the Nazi/cults/sects children, who are fighting for their "rightiessness" future. There to you will find different alters. They usually pair your character and personality. Your are also going to deal with the parallel in the spiritual and ai-god in your body and around. At the store the Dew's threw what I was holding out of my hand.

These people have bonded already not like us Ti's left on porpuse unorganized, without resources. That means they will get high watching you make a fool of yourself. Unless, you think you can get to their conscious but difficult they are in deep daddy Stockholm.

Sadly I 'll still say non participation and getting our self back on our feet with a clear mind. We are our best medicine. But the occults want a human blood sacrifice and the gatekeepers, including Gnostic-rosecrucions, are not letting up. All for the Harvest. All is one hand. Don't forget we are the martyr's and the automatic sacrifice since we did not play the game of cowboys and angel.

Oh and offense is only possibly if we have Universal Natural law. When defense becomes offense for defense.

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Love is not pretending.
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